Our Story

Energize Wayland is a grassroots group dedicated to helping our neighbors and local businesses take steps in their homes, at work, and in their daily lives to address the climate emergency. Our goal is that half of all wayland households take action. 

We are a spin-off from Transition Wayland, which was founded in 2011. Transition Wayland ran lots of well-loved yearly events such as Earth Day festivals and the Spring Clean Up, as well as a massively succesful Solarize campagin with our peer towns of Sudbury and Lincoln in 2012. It was through those experiences that we realized that many of our neighbors want to do something, but often just don’t know where to start.

In 2017 we formed a new group to figure out how to address the many thresholds that keep people from acting. We came up with many ideas to make it easier, for instance, by curating solutions that deliver impact and providing support through local coaches, clear steps and information, trusted partners and vendors, and events. This effort evolved into MassEnergize, and Energize Wayland became the first pilot community. 

Locally, Energize Wayland helped launch a second Solarize Mass (again with our peer towns of Sudbury and Lincoln). We run campaigns on topics that include Food Waste and Composting, Electric Vehicles, Green Heating and Cooling, and Spring Greening. We are a merry band of volunteers, each involved according to the topic of our interest, our favorite outreach venue, or the amount of time we like to donate. All are welcome and needed, so email info@energizewayland.org if you want to help. 

In 2021 Energize Wayland became an official Transition Initiative! You can read more about Transition Towns here.

We have fun, we get things done, and we are in a hurry! The group also coordinates with the Town, primarily through the Wayland Energy and Climate Committee. We are well-networked with other local organizations and help promote their climate change actions and events. Send us your local events or news items so that we can share them with our community!

We are driven by values

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